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The purchase or sale of real estate is a significant transaction. Whether you are buying, selling or leasing your first home or development property, you must carefully review the purchase/lease agreements before engaging in a contract.  

DY LAW advises a wide range of clients including, but not limited to, developers, general contractors, subcontractors, owners, brokers, agents, buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants on both transactional and litigation real estate law matters.


The best way to avoid legal disputes down the road is to do your best to prevent them from the start. This means carefully reviewing and negotiating the terms of the agreement and identifying any potential issues that may arise. Real estate transactions can be immensely complex with hundreds of laws and regulations that govern these particular matters that will lead to negative consequences if they are not applied correctly.

Every term or provision may be altered, deleted, or negotiated. The terms of the contract are always open for negotiations and oftentimes, individuals trust their agent and sign off before carefully examining the agreements. At DY LAW, our goal is to ensure each and every contract is reviewed and carefully crafted to protect our clients’ overall interests.

DY LAW assists with a full range of issues, including real estate purchases and sales, leases, landlord-tenant disputes, unlawful detainers, and other issues that may arise from owning or leasing property. 

We also negotiate, review, draft and amend leases for clients, as well as handle related business legal matters. This includes commercial, industrial, and retail leases. Our goal is to make sure that the lease is structured in a way that protects our client's business and individual interests and effectively avoids the possibility emergence of future disputes. 

Should litigation proceed, our firm provides comprehensive real estate litigation services. We are prepared to handle all types of real estate litigation disputes, including those arising from:

Buying a House
  • Acquisition and Disposition Agreements

  • Adverse Possession & Easements

  • Breach of Contract Disputes

  • Broker Agreements

  • Broker Liability Disputes (conflict of interest, fiduciary duty, fraud, failure to disclose, negligence)

  • Commercial, Residential, and Industrial Lease Agreements

  • Construction and Real Estate Development

  • Disclosure Disputes

  • Eminent Domain (Proceedings)

  • Evictions & Unlawful Detainers

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

  • Lease Agreements

  • Lease Negotiations & Disputes

  • Non-disclosure, Concealment & Fraud Disputes

  • Property Development Agreements

  • Property Transfer & Ownership Agreements

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements

  • Real Estate Sale Disputes

  • Real Estate Syndications

  • Secured Loan Agreements & Promissory Notes

  • Title Claims & Disputes

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